Stay active

Rauenberg is situated in the middle of the Karichgau, part of the "Südliche Bergstraße". This rural area is also called „Germanys Tuscany“. As far as leisure time is concerned, it is full of variety and diversion.

Have a look through all the opportunities for recreational activities you have around the Winzerhof, there are lots of things to do from high-standard golf courses to leisurely bicycle trips to visit the cultural city of Heidelberg.

Spaziergänge zwischen den Weinbergen sind gesund und erholsam
Golfspielen im Kraichgau, ganz in der Näche vom Winzerhof
Weinanbau im Kraichgau, Ringhotel Winzerhof
Badewelt Sinsheim
Wanderungen zwischen den Weinbergen des Kraichgaus
Eine Planwagenfahrt durch Rauenberg