Via Naturae

and the forest adventure trail

Forest to experience: The city of Heidelberg has created two very special forest trails on the Königstuhl: the "Via Naturae" and the Forest Experience Trail. The "Via Naturae" and the forest adventure trail are part of the "Schonwald Königstuhl" project, which was initiated by the city of Heidelberg. The Heidelberg Forestry Office and the Neckartal-Odenwald Nature Park have thankfully participated in the design of the trails with great commitment and expertise. The forest adventure trail was "conjured up" by Werkstatt gGmbH with craftsmanship and a great deal of artistic sensitivity.

The "Via Naturae

With numerous picture panels, the "Via Naturae" wants to contribute to bringing people closer to the forest as part of their natural basis of life. It is therefore addressed to all those who are interested in nature, but especially to teachers and students who would like to move part of their biology lessons (out of the classrooms) directly into nature and who can experience many interesting stimuli through the "Via Naturae".

In a loop of about eight kilometers (those who want to hike less can also take the shorter path of 3.5 kilometers), the "Via Naturae" leads deep into the Schonwald Königstuhl. The well-marked circular trail first runs for a distance of two kilometers with a slight incline to the hut at the Hohlen Kästenbaum. Here the trail turns south and follows the Upper Dragon Cave Trail and the Kaiser Franz Trail for the next two kilometers to the Linsenteicheck. At an altitude of 310 meters, you have reached the lowest point of the trail. A rest in the hut is recommended, as the "via naturae" climbs steadily and slightly for the next four kilometers. Via the Alte Hilsbacher Weg, past the Kraussteinhütte and Kaltteichhütte, you return to the starting point on the Königstuhl at an altitude of 560 meters.

The forest adventure trail...

... is an educational and adventure trail especially for children. It leads into the depths of the forest. Big and small adventures are waiting, the imagination is stimulated and with eyes, ears, noses and hands you will experience the world of the forest. You can be curious about what you will encounter on the approximately two kilometers (by the way, also suitable for strollers!). And if you look for small hidden clues, you will experience: the enchanted atmosphere of the forest, the many eyes and faces of the forest, the many sounds and noises, the crawling, creeping, creeping and flying in the forest. The beginning and the end of the forest adventure trail is at the hikers' parking lot on the Königstuhl. The trail starts at the entrance of the forest directly at the telecommunications tower and ends below the fairy tale paradise back at the parking lot. The circular trail leads along the Hohlen Kästenbaumweg, Nasenplatzweg and Eisweiherweg.

How to reach the "Via Naturae" and the forest adventure trail

The best way is to take the mountain railroad. It runs daily from 9 a.m. every 20 minutes from the Kornmarkt / Rathaus station to the Königstuhl terminus in just 17 minutes.
Bus line 39 runs regularly from Bismarckplatz to the Königstuhl, and line 30 takes you from Universitätsplatz to the observatory stop on the Königstuhl.
By car, you can get to the Königsstuhl via Klingenteichstraße. There are plenty of free parking spaces at the Königsstuhl.