at the Ringhotel Winzerhof

As a family business, we want to act responsibly and sustainably in order to actively contribute to the protection of our environment.

Wherever possible, we work closely with partners from the surrounding area - from local electricians and carpenters to farmers who supply us with natural products as sustainable and responsible producers.

We always implement new construction and remodeling work with craftsmen from the region.

We work daily to use our resources sparingly. In the entire production, trade and service process, we make this possible with the use of innovative methods, products, materials and technologies.

Our sustainability concept as PDF (only available in german) for you.

Drinking water
Drinking water is the most important food. In the wellness and fitness area, we work with the sustainable and environmentally friendly water dispensers from aQto watersystems.

Tap water
All our pipelines are up to date and regular in-house checks by an accredited testing and inspection body guarantee carefree enjoyment even directly from the tap. We save valuable water by installing aerators in the washbasins, WC and shower faucets.

BIO Winery
The vineyards of our family winery are cultivated strictly according to organic guidelines and mineral fertilizers are completely avoided. Targeted yield reduction and careful foliage work ensure high-quality grapes that are hand-picked at the right time.

Energy efficiency
We obtain electricity from renewable energy. Our house is almost exclusively equipped with LED and energy-saving lamps. Motion detectors, timers and dusk sensors efficiently control lighting indoors and out. Our kitchen uses induction stoves. All machines are connected to an energy optimization system. With the help of our 97 KWp photovoltaic system, we produce our own electricity and thus save valuable resources. Two combined heat and power plants cover the base load of the electricity demand and generate hot water on the side, which is fed directly into the grid.

We have underfloor heating in many areas. This saves us a significant amount of energy compared to conventional radiators. The underfloor heating is individually controlled by our "home server" to keep inertia as low as possible. Due to the even distribution of heat, less dust is stirred up than by conventional radiators. This is a great advantage especially for asthmatics and people with house dust allergy.

All laundry is cleaned directly in our own laundry in a resource-saving way. All bath towels and hand towels are only changed at the express request of the guests. In our toilet facilities, we rely on the sustainable fabric towel dispensers from CWS. They are made of 100% cotton and have been awarded the Blue Angel eco-label according to RAL-ZU 77.

Food waste disposal
We have our food waste professionally collected by biowaste disposal companies and converted into environmentally friendly energy with the help of biogas plants. We use organic waste such as eggshells and coffee grounds as biofertilizer. Likewise, oils and fats are professionally collected and recycled in a resource-saving manner.

Waste separation
We provide regular training on waste avoidance and waste separation. Together with our suppliers, we ensure that plastic and disposable containers are avoided.

For our environmentally conscious hotel guests we have 2 fast charging stations.
In addition, each parking space in our underground garage offers a charging option via a household socket.

By digitizing a wide range of processes, we reduce print material to the bare minimum.

Regional suppliers and companies

Among our local suppliers are: