"We are hosts with passion!"

Monika and Jürgen Menges

Together they have been running the Ringhotel Winzerhof with dedication since 1994, already in the 4th generation.

Monika completed her apprenticeship at the Winzerhof as a hotel manageress from 1975 to 1978 and also met Jürgen on this occasion. After gaining professional experience in Germany and Switzerland, she became a restaurant master and returned to her apprenticeship.

After graduating from high school, Jürgen started his apprenticeship as a cook at the Hotel Adler in Asperg. After subsequent years of travel, including with Harald Wohlfahrt in the Schwarzwaldstube - Traube Tonbach -, he made his master chef and returned in 1987 to his parents' business, the Winzerhof.


Monika Menges

"I love being a hostess and am happy every day anew about nice guests and especially about our many regular guests. As a senior chef, here at the Winzerhof, you are simply a girl for EVERYTHING."


Jürgen Menges

"I was born into the cradle of gastronomy. Since 1994, I have been passionately running our family business in the 4th generation.

What motivates and inspires me is the harmonious interaction between our young guns and our old hands in the team. No day is like the other. Don't go - don't give! Every day begins with this motto.

All this and our many great guests make our winery - along with my family (especially my grandchildren Mario and Emilia) my pride and joy."


Nathalie and Florian Menges

Together they will manage the winery in the future. Simply a strong team - two who complement each other perfectly. Nathalie - the creative one - with marketing and cuisine as her main focus and Florian - the numbers man - he manages the sales and administration of the Ringhotel Winzerhof.

After graduating from high school, Nathalie completed her apprenticeship as a cook with Douce Steiner at the Hirschen in Sulzburg. She then studied business administration - hotel and catering management with a focus on marketing in Ravensburg. In 2016, she returned to her parents' business.

After graduating from high school, Florian studied industrial engineering. He has always helped out in his parents' business and has become an indispensable pillar of the hotel over the years. Since 2017, he has been an integral part of the Winzerhof.


Nathalie Menges

"At work, I can fully develop my passion for being creative.

My favorite place is in the kitchen, where I can not only conjure up little works of art on the plate, but also work together with our great team. Pampering guests and making them happy is simply a great job and a new challenge every day.

However, since our kitchen team is already super positioned in terms of family through my husband Ingo, I'm very happy about my second creative task: marketing."


Florian Menges

"Numbers are my world.

In sales, I do what fulfills me every day. I make sure the occupancy figures are better. If the hotel and our event rooms are full, then I'm happy. Of course, always looking to satisfy our guests and create a great experience for them.

The technical part is also part of my job. It's nice to grow with your tasks and I'm always happy about new challenges."


History of the house

From the Stratz to the Ringhotel Winzerhof


Bricklayer Joseph Menges builds the restaurant "Restauration zum Bahnhof" at the Rauenberg train station, popularly known as "Stratz", with a guest room, an adjoining room, five guest rooms and attached agriculture with viticulture.

He hands over directly to his son Heinrich Menges.


Heinrich Menges hands over to his son Martin Menges and his wife Paula.

The family winery is founded.



Alfred takes over the parental farm with his wife Angela and they give it the name because the family itself is firmly attached to viticulture:


Over the years Alfred expands the offer to 20 rooms and then to 50 beds.
A swimming pool and a bowling alley are built.



36 additional beds as well as banquet and conference rooms for up to 100 people are added.

Alfred Menges is now making a name for himself in the kitchen with his regional and international specialties and the WINZERHOF joins the hotel cooperation "Ringhotels".


A gateway with an adjoining parking lot with approx. 90 parking spaces and a new exterior façade are built.

Jürgen Menges returns to his parents' business after long years of traveling with top chefs at home and abroad.



Jürgen Menges unfolds in the adjoining room of Grandpa Martin, the evening restaurant "Martins gute Stube" is created.


Meanwhile, the WINZERHOF has 86 beds, various restaurant rooms, spacious conference rooms, 2 bars, 2 bowling alleys, an indoor rooftop swimming pool with sauna, a 250 sqm kitchen with induction stove and a garden terrace with barbecue.


Alfred Menges hands over the management of the WINZERHOF to his eldest son Jürgen Menges and his wife Monika.


1994 - 1997

All restaurant rooms are modernized.

1998 - 1999

On an area of 130 m², the "Pinot Bar" and an air-conditioned wine cellar will be created. The swimming pool will be redesigned in Roman style with panoramic terrace, aroma showers, steam bath, sauna and tepidarium.



The Winzerhof is expanded by almost 70% - the "country house wing" is created. This includes an underground garage, a basement for delivery, storage, technology, production and cold storage, a hotel reception, 5 seminar rooms, 1 hall for 150 people, fitness room, cosmetics and massage, bicycle rental and 16 comfort hotel rooms.


Redesign of the outdoor area with open-air catering, Mediterranean-style planting and installation of 100% water-permeable paving.


2004 - 2009

Renovation of hotel rooms and bathrooms, restaurant rooms, the beverage buffet and beverage cold stores, and parking lot paving in the hotel courtyard.

The entire hotel will be equipped with wi-fi and air-conditioned. A photovoltaic system will be installed on the entire WINZERHOF roof area. Two block power plants and a gas boiler to cover part of the hotel's own electricity requirements are built.

The gourmet restaurant moves, the French-influenced "Martins gute Stube" becomes the Mediterranean "Angela".



With "Alfred's old distillery" the most rustic part of the WINZERHOF is created. Here we produce top qualities in a hearty atmosphere with the most modern distillery equipment. The construction of the Mediterranean gazebo "Kastanienlaube" is completed and fits very harmoniously into the overall picture.

2011 - 2014

Complete redesign of the Kraichgaustuben with breakfast area. The whole hotel gets a transponder locking system and our gym is completely redesigned. Parts of the hotel get a general overhaul and each room is equipped with a fire alarm system.



Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to our beloved senior boss Alfred Menges.
He passes away at the age of 80 years.



The kitchen is modernized, daytime refrigerated warehouses and computer-controlled multifunctional cookers are purchased. The laundry is modernized and the hotel's vehicle fleet is expanded with a refrigerated truck and an electric Smart car. The "Gaststube" and the "Martins Stube" are given a new look.


Two electric charging stations with quick charging, a new "wine lounge" with wine tapping system and the "Vinothek" with a great Mediterranean courtyard are being built. In the wellness area and in the rooms, renovations continue.

Nathalie Menges, after her apprenticeship as a chef and subsequent studies, returns home to her parents' business and from now on supports the kitchen brigade together with her husband Ingo.



The bowling alleys become a spacious and modern staff casino.

Florian Menges also decides to join the management of the WINZERHOF after studying industrial engineering.


The kitchen and hotel room renovations in the main building are now complete. A "Schnapslädle" is being created in the basement. In recent years, more and more single rooms have been combined and spacious double rooms have been created. The WINZERHOF currently has 70 rooms.



Senior manager Angela Menges - the good soul of the house - passes away at the age of 88.



The construction of our "Burggrafflügel" begins. An event center, another 27 hotel rooms and a large parking area with connected underground garage are being built.


120 years of WINZERHOF - 2020 should have been our year. Until February everything is still going as usual, then from March suddenly the total lockdown. The Corona pandemic has completely turned the tourism market as we know it upside down. We are forced to close and the WINZERHOF resembles a ghost hotel for the first time in its history (4 months in total). The costs continue, the turnover is zero. Despite everything, the "Burggrafflügel" is completed in July.



Another almost 5 months we have to stay closed. But we don't let it get us down - we renovate, improve, train, ... - and with a lot of team power and even more cohesion we fight our way back into a successful future.

We have had great employees for more than 100 years... but this year they deserve a very special thank you. First they had to fear and put back and then they fought and slaved. Dear TEAM, you are great!!!!! We still exist, better than before and we have you to thank for that!