Spa World Sinsheim


Only 18 km away from the Winzerhof, between Heidelberg and Heilbronn, you will find the THERMEN & BADEWELT SINSHEIM. More than 400 real South Sea palms, turquoise blue lagoons, pool bars, mineral pools, numerous saunas and many attractions will make you feel like on vacation. A pleasure for the whole family - in good and in bad weather.

Palm paradise

Fill up with relaxation and health

The Palm Paradise in Sinsheim promises pure vacation feeling and relaxation all year round. Relax and refresh yourself at pool bars with fruity cocktails under real palm trees, sunbathe on the sun terraces at the natural lake or go pedal boating. In addition, you can recharge your batteries in 3 different mineral pools.

Go on a voyage of discovery here ...

Mineral pool

The brine pool with 18% Dead Sea salt content stimulates circulation and skin metabolism.

The calcium-lithium bath helps build bones and brightens the psyche.

The selenium bath reduces stress and prevents the aging process.

Steam bath tropical mist

The steam bath has a humidity of 100% and a temperature of about 45 °C, so the body can regenerate perfectly.

Aqua and water gymnastics courses

The courses offered are good for your back and joints and get you moving gently to music in the water.


You can have a snack and delicious vital dishes in the restaurant.

Thermal beach

In the outdoor area, the beach is especially great for relaxing.

Swimming pool

On six swimming lanes you can swim your lanes, train your swimming style or simply build up fitness at any time of the year. In addition to starting blocks, a 1-meter diving board and a 3-meter diving tower are also available. A special feature is the glass roof, which can be opened in nice weather.

Swimming courses for beginners and advanced swimmers are also held in the pool throughout the year. Within the framework of the swimming courses, various swimming badges can also be earned.

For the small or even big hunger you can find delicious dishes in the snack bar Paradiso.

Vitality Spa & Sauna

11 exclusive sauna attractions

In the Vitality Spa & Sauna, in addition to the numerous sauna experiences, you can also enjoy feel-good treatments such as peelings and pleasant honey applications, as well as take advantage of health and nutritional advice. The entire area is textile-free and accessible from the age of 16. You can expect 11 exclusive sauna attractions with different themes and degrees of warmth.

Through the panoramic window in the Koi sauna you can enjoy the fish in the aquarium at 80 °C and the dreamlike landscape at the same time.

It's especially hot in the Holzstadl sauna, where the scent of pine needles, birch or cedar wood will have you sweating at 90 °C.

In the Hünenring sauna you sit at 80 °C under a beautiful starry sky, between approx. 3.50 m high natural stone blocks. In addition, Finnish infusions with classic fragrances are administered.

The tropical sauna transports you to the tropical rainforest at 75 °C with sweet, fruity scents and gives you a view of exotic birds.

The cozy and moderate Viennese coffee house sauna exudes the wonderful scent of coffee, vanilla or amaretto at 70 °C.

In the Moorish, oriental designed Alhambra sauna you will experience infusions with honey and singing bowls at 70 °C.

You will find an extraordinary sweating experience in the cinema sauna: Here you can watch wonderful nature and documentary films at 60 °C on a big cinema screen. Sauna yoga is also particularly popular.

The sauna Euphoria with about 100 seats has the latest event, sound and lighting technologies.