Leimbach Route

The water experience route

The Leimbachroute is a 46 km long leisure route in the Rhine-Neckar region and runs from the Kraichgau to the Rhine. It starts at the Sinsheim-Hoffenheim train station and leads directly past the train stations Wiesloch/Walldorf, St. Ilgen/Sandhausen, Oftersheim and Schwetzingen to the Rhine. The landscape-oriented route has an incline only at the beginning, is well signposted and mostly leads off busy roads.

As a water experience route, the Leimbachroute invites the population and guests to experience the Leimbach by bike, on foot or in a mobility network from its source to its mouth. As a local history discovery route, the Leimbachroute invites people to discover special places along the way. For the future, it is planned to explain special places on the topics of water, landscape and local history gradually on information boards along the way. Orientation boards on the entire route have already been set up at the 5 stations. The attractiveness of the route is to be further increased by additional rest areas and green plantings.

In the next few years, the state of Baden-Württemberg plans to ecologically enhance the Leimbach in connection with flood protection measures and to create access opportunities to the stream. The Leimbach communities are striving to move the Leimbach route closer to the stream, especially in the middle section, with the help of flood protection planning, so that the newly designed watercourse can be experienced by the population.

The "Leimbachroute" project was initiated in 2010 by the Heidelberg Mannheim Neighborhood Association together with the city of Leimen. It was awarded a prize in 2012 by the Rhine-Neckar Regional Association as part of the "Landscape on the Move" competition. The unusual route logo was found as part of the school competition "A logo for the Leimbach Route". The route was opened in May 2015.