Pickup offers

takeaway food

The collection can be made every day during opening hours.
Phone: 06222-9520 or info@winzerhof.net

Our Basics

for the sake of the environment in 430 ml jars - please order the day before:


Portion of spaetzle
3,00 €

Portion Gnocchis
4,00 €


Balsamic vinaigrette
4,00 €

House dressing / white salad dressing
8,00 €


Tomato soup / sauce
8,00 €

Dark sauce / jus
9,00 €

Lobster soup / sauce
15,00 €

Regular menu

During our restaurant opening hours, you can order all dishes on our menu hot to go - for the sake of the environment in sugar cane organic plastic trays 99.9% recyclable.

If you would like our dishes cold and to reheat at home, please order them the day before.